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Working together for a solid cloud solution?

These days there is a wide variety of possibilities in cloud solutions. Whilst looking for a supplier for a cloud solutions the selection of cloud suppliers seems endless. Many of the cloud solutions that get offered in the market don’t focus on the connection, this however is one of the most crucial elements. Often the connection seems fragile, which causes the entire product to be fragile aswell. At i4Networks we know for sure that a stable, reliable connection is a product of it’s own. That’s why we specialised in that area. That is where our strength lies.

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Cloud solutions carried by stability

As a partner you are specialized in supplying cloud solutions. At i4Networks we want to be part of this solution by supplying one of the most crucial parts of your cloud environment, namely the connection. We are, figuratively speaking, the carrier of your cloud product and we realise that we are an integral part of your product. With the help of our connections you create a stable base. That way you are capable of putting a reliable cloud product into the market. You can focus completely on your own cloud environment, without worrying about the connection. We will take care of that!


Over 50 datacenters connected

At i4Networks we are connected to over 50 datacenters, also called points of presence. You as a partner are capable of making use of all those connections to supply your customer with your cloud solution. Within our operating world we created a large network with even more connections. In the rare case there isn’t a connection to the datacenter you host your cloud platform on, we will look into making that possible. We always strive to realise a connection in the shortest time possible, even if it’s not there yet.

No rival, but a partner

At i4Networks we make a solid statement and promise to our partners. We will not rival with the products you supply as a partner. You are the specialist in regards to your product and it just happens to be that you need a connection from A to B. We facilitate you with a stable connection, in other words, a piece of technique that we mastered. That is the service we work on, on a daily basis. We will gladly let you do the product implementation, as that is where your strengths lie.

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"As a cloud provider your focus is on the cloud. That cloud is ‘in the sky’. At i4Networks we are the ‘sky’ that keeps your cloud up and running."