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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

BaaS, how does it work?

Bandwith as a Service, BaaS in short. Are you looking for a connection for your customer? If you let us know the desired bandwith, we know enough. We will look for the best solution available. We always look for something scalable, fitting for your budget.

How private is private?

A private connection is fully separated from the internet. It is the best protection for outside influences. We won’t monitor equipment on the customer premises, as we don’t want to intrude the private connection.

White label DSL or fiber, how does it work?

Every partner can sell the connection under it’s own given name. Bills will be sent to the partner, not the end customer. We will not contact the end customer without the partner’s permission

What is available at my customer’s location?

Our postcode checker gives a good impression about the possibilities


You can contact us for further information or details about the results.


Are you able to supply us with geographically separated fibers on one address?

Yes, contrary to what most people think we purposefully do not deliver connections from two different providers. This because of the fact that different providers share the same fiber paths, it creates somewhat of a fake redundancy. By choosing one supplier for a separated connection we can bypass this issue and create a functional redundant connection.

Cloud or VoIP, is that also in your portfolio?

We are bandwidth specialists, but not in VoiP or cloud services. Our partners are much better at this. It’s a choice we made to only suplly internet access if needed, all other services are handled by our partners. We don’t want to concurr with them.

Is IPv6 also available?

Ofcourse, everyone that buys an internet access has the possibility to get a /48 block of IPv6 addresses.