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Sharing flexible solutions

Connecting people business wise, that is what we work on every day. Thanks to our solid productportfolio your customers can enjoy a stable connection without worrying. You want your product delivered from A to B? We take care of that. As supplier of connections we exclusively work with partners. We make the rock solide promise to not rival with our partners. You are the expert on the products you supply, we worry about the connection that comes with that product. We are aware that solid connections are an integral part of the complete product.

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Sharing knowledge and optimal support

At i4Networks, sharing knowledge with our partners is something we value highly. And for that you don’t pay extra. You pay for a functional product. We believe that knowledge is part of that product. Besides that, we provide optimal support for our products. If you have a problem, our experts will fix that right away. Even if the issue is not directly connected to one of our products, we are happy to search for a solution with you. We are flexible, in many ways!

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Knowledgable team of professionals

At i4Networks we work with a competent team of professionals. Our greatest strength is we can switch fast. Our teammembers are always aware of what’s happening at our customers, our products and the market. Also the tasks of our teammembers overlap, so they can always help each other’s customers and think with partners on a high level. As customer you won’t notice this because when you make a call, there’s a competent teammember at the other side of the line who helps you within no time. He or she is aware of the problems you face.


Started as a software developer

Originally i4Networks started out as a software developing company. After marketchanges our strength wasn’t in developing software, but it was the network we created in the years before. We also saw that our customers weren’t looking for software solutions, but also at connections, as they are an essential part of their (end)product. That’s why we turned ourselves into the company we are today, a supplier of stable connections.


A passion for connections

Our current business is emerged from frustration, we asked ourselves questions like:

  • Why does the market just supplyi standardized products?
  • Why are those products so expensive?
  • Why doesn’t the customer have a choice in what he wants to do with a connection?
  • Why isn’t there freedom in choosing the supplier?

These questions we also noticed in the rest of the market. From that frustration about pricing, technique, standardisation and service-level we developed a new passion for connections. That passion caused us to embrace these connection as a core-product. A core-product that is still evolving on a daily basis.


"Onze passie voor verbindingen heeft ervoor gezorgd dat we verbindingen zijn gaan omarmen als ons core-product. Tot op de dag van vandaag!"