Collaborating with partners

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Collaborating with our partners is key

At i4Networks, we work closely as a team, but also with our partners. Therefore we don’t want to compete with our partners for prospects! This is a solid promise we make to our partners. After all, as partner you are the specialist in the field of your product or service. Only when you need a connection to get you from A to B, i4Network’s expertise will be needed.

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Collaboration with partners with a shared goal

At i4Networks we serve you as partner, where you serve your (end)customer. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel the same responsibility towards that end customer. In fact, we have the same common goal, namely serving the (end)customer as good as possible. Because we work closely together with our partners, the end customer doesn’t notice they actually do business with two different companies. This way we strive, together with our partners, to create the best experience? for the customer.

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Fixing issues together

At i4Networks we know that the product we deliver to our partner ends up going to the (end)customer. Because we work so closely togeter with partners, we feel their problem is also our problem, irrespective to where the cause lies. The perception at the customer is key, they just want a working product. I4Networks will always help and support you as best we can. This is always done behind the scenes, the communication with the customer, if desired, will always be in your hands.

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A functional connection is crucial

Connections are a fundamental part of the vertical of our partners. If a connection fails, the customer experiences problems and will turn to you as a partner. The customer has a bad product experience, even if the setup of your product is the best there is. In the end, the customer needs a functional connection and that’s the main goal of i4Networks. We are fully aware that a functional connection is crucial for all parties involved. I4Networks gives your product the solid base it deserves.

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"The perception of a customer is key. They just want a functional product."