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Bandwidth specialist

Are you looking for a connection ( for your customer)? I4Networks is a bandwith specialist. We supply you with a choice within your bandwidth needs. Whatever the question is, we will look for the best fitting and scaleable solution. We are transparant in bandwith costs and the solution will always be within your budget. For every bandwith, price and category we have a fitting product in our portfolio. We gladly advice you on the best suitable solution for your goal.

More about connections

Bandwidth solutions via BaaS

Connecting people business wise, with the best suitable bandwith solution, is what i4Network’s goal is. Or productplacement, also called BaaS ( Bandwith as a Service ) is new to most people. It simply means that we focus on the bandwith need you might have as customer. We don’t think from a carrier perspective. In other words, we think abut the connection that your data is coming through.

Wide scale of bandwidth services

At i4Networks we offer BaaS in three possible ways:

  • Private Ethernet / IP VPN
  • Internet Access
  • Backbane / P2P

Our goal with BaaS is to be able to connect to as many networks as possible. A small selection of possibilities are ADSL, as well as POTS, ISDN, SDSL, VDSL, Ethernet over Copper, business fiber and many more. At i4Networks we have our own core network and connect this on strategic points to our wholesale partners. That’s why we can supply with a wide variety of bandwith services.

Onze diensten our services

Tailor made bandwith services

We only work with partners. As bandwidth expert we are your partner to go to. Together we will strive for the best possible result for the customer. Configuring your bandwidth or installing it? You don’t have to have the knowledge about that. I4Networks will take care of everything. We like to call this Bandwidth Services. We will figure everything out for you, so you eventually get the bandwith you need for an optimal service to your customer.


"For every bandwidth, price and need we have a fitting product in our portfolio."