Training and Advice

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Tailor-made training and advice

Besides the fact i4Networks strives to deliver a solid product, we are also keen on sharing our knowledge about our field of work and our products. This knowledge and support you get for free as partner of i4Networks. It is included in the products you order, simply because we believe it has a positive perception to the customer. Tailor-made service.


Advice about the desired solution

We at i4Networks are keen on sharing our knowledge and in fact it is directly matched to the products we sell. This way we advice you as a partner about the type of solution which is most suitable to your customer. Besides that, we also like to talk about how you as a partner can present the solution in the best way. Asking many more questions is essential. We always try to incorporate what the end goal is for the (end)customer. That way we get to the correct advice for the solution you want.

Frequently asked questions

Smart solutions in practice

In practice it comes down to smart solutions. In the past we at i4Networks placed our own routers with every connection. Our partners felt the need to install their own hardware later on. This way they were not dependant of us in placing hardware. By sharing our knowledge about routers and setting up a network with our partners we managed to create a situation where partners place the hardware they feel comfortable with.

Sharing knowledge to help partners

When the situation occurs that we get a lot of questions about the same subject we actively get to work on these questions. Often this comes from a problem or question from the (end)customer. They often make use of a connection we delivered to our partner. Together with the partner we try to look at the problem and how to fix it. So we continuously take steps until the goal is reached. The partner gets enough information and we share our knowledge, so the partner can fix the problem by themselves if the same issue rises again in the future.

Recreating situations at customer premesis

At our company we have created our own lab. In this lab we can recreate multiple situations as they would be on the endcustomers site. We connect routers, switches and hardware as it would be in a live situation. That way we manage to pin point issues the customer or partner might have with a certain solution. This way we can literally map the issues of the (end)customers from our partners. On a regular basis we invite our partners, or other parties involved. They can have a look in our lab with certain test situations, or train common situation themselves without interfering with live setups on customer sites.

"We believe in sharing knowledge about our area of work and products. This way we optimally support our partners."