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White label solutions

White label simply mean that you, as partner of i4Networks, can sell our product under your own name. That way you can implement a complete product. Which includes an i4Networks connection, without your customer even noticing. This way you simply profile a one-stop-shop towards the customer. Showing you have every aspect under control.


With white label you choose for a solid base

At i4Networks we only supply crucial parts that can be incorporated into your products. We don’t sell VoIP or Cloud-products. In short, we don’t set all-in products into the market so we can’t supply your ( potential ) clients. We are solely specialized in a fundamental part of your vertical, the connection, which gives your product a solid base.

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A win-win situation

We at i4Networks function as producer, while you as partner in a way function as a marketeer. You rebrand our product as if it were yours, add your own product and give it your own name as if you produced it all yourself. This has multiple advantages:

  • You bring in expertise while not having to worry about it.
  • Less time and money. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but outsource it.
  • You are quickly active in the current market, serving customers that were out of your reach before. You will be active in the market quickly. You will be able to serve customers that were out of reach before.
  • You can focus on the matters you specialise in.

By using a white label solution from i4Networks you will be able to deliver the desired product to your (end)customer. This is a win-win situation for both parties!

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"With our white label products you put an all-in product into the market the way u see fit. So you function as a one-stop market for customers."