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Dynamic and innovative

BlackGATE is a dynamic and innovative Telecom organisation, specialised in supplying and maintaining internet accesses and VoIP from small business to corporate enterprises. By connecting BlackGATE directly into our network, customers are able to utilise more services on their connection. Through a fiber connection they can use Internet, VoIP, camara security, cloud computing, online backup and video conferencing much better.

I4 Networks handles fast and secure

Working with i4Networks is pleasant, as they know what BlackGATE values in a collaboration. The lines of communication are short, making sure the right people are consulted. If there are any issues on a customer connection, i4Networks feels just as responsible as problem owner BlackGATE. This makes sure that incidents are handled fast and secure. Furthermore i4Networks is a pleasant organisation with good employees which further strengthens the collaboration.

"I4Networks is the connecting element between us and our customer."

Aart van Geemert, BlackGATE